The Maiporter Z130

The trunk for your e-bike


You can, of course, tow the Maiporter with a normal bike as well but with its outstanding quality and equipment it is meant to be a daily companion for your e-bike even with little luggage, because of its lockable box it is simply super practical!




Given that the whole point of a bike box trailer is protecting the content of the box from theft, we have equipped the box of the Z130 with an extra-secure and comfortable locking system.



With the handle in the middle, you can easy open and close the box with one hand. The locking mechanisms are located inside the box and thus out of reach for a bolt cutter.


The box is screwed to the frame from the inside so that it cannot be stolen as a whole.



To achieve good theft protection even for longer periods of time, the Z130 can easily be locked to its external frame tubes.


To deter thieves and to assign each Z130 unambiguously we emboss each frame with its unique ID number.




You can't see it that way, but to make sure the box doesn't make any loud noises during the ride, it is equipped with an innovative spring mount.



Additionally, we have equipped the Z130 with Schwalbe balloon tyres which offer as a special feature their own, particularly good suspension.


On many bike trailers, parts shake and rattle, and often the drawbar and the wheels are affected by this, too. The Z130, on the other hand, comes across as of once piece, even after years of daily use, nothing will shake.



Your heavy bike lock, your high-viz vest, rain gear or empty shopping bags: the elastic baggage net at the rear of your Z130 offers you a handy space for all those things you always want to have with you.


So that your load doesn't scratch ore clatter we line the walls of the Z130 on the inside with luxurious, dense needled felt and equip it with a extra sturdy foam floor mat that you can even use as a short but surprisingly comfortable deck mat.



The box of the new Maiporter holds 130 litres. This is equivalent to 6 22-litre rucksacks and should be sufficient for way more than 90% of your transports in town.


Sometimes, however, at the end of your shopping trip you still need to carry a little more.



Then you can fasten the lid of the Z130 in any position with the help of its clever elastic rope.



You can even carry goods on the lid of the Z130. We have attached the loops for fastening the goods not to the thin metal of the lid but to its sturdy walls.



The non-skid floor mat at the bottom of the box prevents the goods from slipping and also protects the lid from damage.



Thanks to its two quality rear lights made by Busch&Müller KG, the Z130 is optimally visible from behind and both sides.



One large reflector is already integrated into each of the rear lights; the light from the LEDs is directed in such a way that the light bands at the top and bottom and the integrated reflectors also emit light as well.



The innovative power supply of the Z130’s rear lights is provided from inside the box by a special mobile power bank. This gives an extremely long-lasting supply of over 30 hours.



It's multi-bar charge display will reliably remind you to make sure that you won’t forget to recharge.  


The Z130 also has reflectors at the front and sides (on the tyres) as required by EU law, of course.



In order to prevent the aluminium box from looking bad after a short time, we protect its surface with a professional metallic grey varnish. This is significantly more scratch-resistant and if required can be polished, just like a car.



The opposite is true for the edges of the box where a varnish would wear off over time. Thus we don’t apply the varnish there so that small damage of the raw aluminium is hardly visible.



The box of the Z130 is guaranteed to be splash-proof from all directions. It's smooth front is super easy to wipe clean.


All exterior screws and fixtures of the Z130’s box and frame are, of course, stainless. 



So that even after many years of daily use nothing wobbles on the frame of the Z130 we weld it's parts together by hand in a time-consuming process.



For this we use extra thick-walled aluminium tubes and thus achieve a sufficiently low centre of gravity for empty runs as well as such extreme stability that even collisions with metal posts could not destroy the frame during our tests.



Likewise it’s part of the frame’s job to ensure that you can get through chicane barriers without the Z130 getting caught or damaged.



That the frame itself gets scratched under such strain is part of it and doesn’t matter much as it will hardly be visible on its bare aluminium tubes.



Even deep scratches as a result of a severe collision can easily be smoothened somewhat by sanding.



Bicycle trailers nowadays are often equipped with wheels with a slide-in shaft. We use double bearing wheels as these are tougher, more smooth-running and more durable.


In addition, you can exchange these for different ones. Thus, if you prefer a different look or another technical specification this presents no problem! And if a wheel should break while you’re on tour, it's much easier for you to get replacement.



Owing to its clever and precise manufacture and high-quality material selection, the attachment bracket ensures a permanently play-free mounting of the drawbar together with maximum toughness.



To ensure that the Z130 doesn’t tilt too much to the front when connected to bikes with smaller wheels, a drawbar version for host bikes up to 16" or 24” is also available.



An excellent bike box trailer has to have an excellent box. We are thus more than delighted to have Zarges GmbH Germany, probably the best manufacturer of lightweight aluminium boxes, on board to manufacture the box of the Z130 in accordance with our specifications.



If, for once, you want to leave your Maiporter Z130 at home you can store it upright in a space-saving way thanks to its feet.



The Z130 can be coupled and uncoupled super-fast thanks to the Weber hitch. But not by thieves as it can be locked.


Since different hitches may require depending on the bicycle, no hitch is included with the Maiporter.


Maiporter Z130



Unladen weight
• 16.2kg (including bottom mat and power bank) 

Maximum additional load
• As bike trailer: 40kg
• As handcart: 80kg 
• Cargo space volume: ~ 130 Liter 

Permitted maximum speeds
• 25km/h (16 mph) on straight and even sections 
• 10km/h (6 mph) in bends 
• 5km/h (3 mph) when turning or going over uneven road surfaces

• 16“ aluminium rims, 16 spokes

• 16" Schwalbe Big Apple Reflex 

Permitted tyre pressure
• Minimum: 2 bar (30 PSI) • Maximum (with light load): 2.5 bar (36 PSI) 
• Maximum (with heavy load): 3.5 bar (50 PSI) (only for longer journeys with heavy load, e.g. bike trips, recommended) 

Internal dimensions of box
• LxWXH 845 x 445 x 345 mm (without bottom mat, 335mm with bottom mat)
• Internal diagonal on plane: 935 mm 
• Internal diagonal top to bottom: 985 mm 

Overall dimensions of trailer
• LxWxH 1375 x 715 x 620 mm 

Pack size 
• Frame with box, without drawbar or wheels: LxWxH 900 x 715 x 430 mm
• Box: LxWxH 900 x 525 x 370 (including additional parts) 
• Frame without drawbar or wheels: LxWxH 700 x 715 x 60 mm

Lid area useable as table
• 860 x 465 mm 

(We reserve the right to vary these dimensions by up to 5 mm) 

• 2 Busch&Müller View, 4 LEDs in total 
• Operated by ‘Maiporter’ special power bank, 5000 mAh rated output, operation time over 30 hours (measured at 20 °C = 68°F), included

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