Is the Maiporter Z130 approved for use in my country?

Within the EU the Maiporter Z130 fulfils all legal requirements for use on public roads attached to bikes and e-bikes with pedalling assistance up to 25km/h.


For countries outside the EU please familiarise yourself with the legal situation and observe it.


What kind of e-bike is the most suitable for towing the Maiporter?

Any Pedelec is suitable. On steeper gradients, however, mid-mounted motors develop a better performance than hub motors.


Why does it make sense to have the Maiporter attached to the e-bike in town even when carrying a light load?

By virtue of the fact that they are limited to 25km/h, e-bikes have unused power reserves which you can put to great use to pull the Maiporter Z130.


You have everything stowed away super comfortably during the journey and even when you are parked, you always have a safe place for your things.


I am quite a fit biker, does an e-bike make sense for me at all to pull the Maiporter Z130?

Due to the statutory speed limit, the battery and motor must switch off at speeds above 25 km/h (16 mph) and then brake you only by their own weight. Well-trained drivers are usually faster, a pedelec makes so little sense for them.


With a bicycle trailer it's something else, because you get less quickly over 25 km/h, meaning that you can use the motor power of an e-bike much better with a Maiporter. Every day, and completely legally!


But in the end the choice between bicycle and pedelec remains a matter of taste.


Can I remove the box of the Maiporter Z130, for example in order to carry my shopping into my home?

For reasons of theft-protection the box of the Z130 is screwed to the frame from the inside and thus cannot be removed together with your shopping. But anyway it is too unwieldy to carry on your own when loaded.


We have had positive experience with a combination of backpack and several reusable shopping bags with handles long enough to hang from your shoulder. Thus you always have your hands free to open your doors.


Can I exchange the included power bank for the power supply of the rear lights for any other one?

For safety reasons, only the Maiporter power bank supplied by us is approved for the operation of the rear lights. With other power banks there is a significant risk that they will switch off unexpectedly.


Can I operate the rear lights with a battery compartment with a USB connection?

In principle yes but for safety reasons this too would require approval from Maiporter. Even before the first Z130s are delivered we will endeavour to offer one.


How will the Maiporter Z130 be delivered?

The delivery of your Maiporter is done by ups in a large, sturdy carton box. The box of the trailer is already screwed onto the frame, only the drawbar and the wheels still need to be mounted. For this you will need a 4 and 5mm allen key and a 15mm wrench. A manual in German and English is included.


For further questions please write us at info@maiporter.de



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