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2011-2016: The first Maiporter bicycle trailer 'M-Stream' with lockable box

Coming 2018: Tomorrow's bicycle box trailer for urban transportation!

Maiporter have specialised in lockable bicycle box trailers with an aluminium box since 2011. What started out as a pastime developed, over time, into a true passion. This fall will now see a major launch because what we have brought to technical maturity over the last three years will be no less than the world’s best urban bicycle box trailer:


The Maiporter Z130!


You can look forward to a bicycle trailer so practical that you won’t ever want to uncouple it for those short distances in town! And ideally you will soon notice that you need your car so rarely that you can get rid of it and do car-sharing instead! Look forward to better health, a fuller purse and less car traffic in more liveable cities.


Look forward to the new Maiporter!


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